Plastic ground plates for surface boxes of the gas network and water supply mains

Ground plates for surface boxes made of plastic are an innovative product for gas and water supply pipelines.

Our ground plates are exclusively manufactured from correctly sorted prime material of HDPE or PP. We have technical testing carried out regularly by the external monitoring service of MPA Hannover to ensure the safety of the ground plates.

With respect to this test we can guarantee a temperature resistance of up to -18 °C as well as a strength 2.3 times higher than concrete.

Due to the ISO-9001:2000 standard certification of our producers, we automatically guarantee testing of our products with a detailed documentation.

Benefits of ground plates made of plastic vs. concrete:


  • Enormous weight saving (concrete: 7.2 kg / plastic: 1.3 kg)
  • No breakage of material
  • Less storage cost
  • Better handling
  • 2.3 times higher load capacity


Product types:

„Kombi 2000“

All-purpose type for surface boxes according to:

DIN 4056

DIN 4057 version 1938

DIN 4058

DIN 4059

DIN 3581 version 1974


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